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2023 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Articles

October 7th, 2023

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and one of Safe&Aware’s most important missions is to help break the cycle of domestic abuse...

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How a Self-Defense Organization is Empowering Youth

August 12th, 2023

A trend of youth gun violence has been seen this summer in Chicago, with at least 57 ages 19 and under being shot. More than half of Chicago residents will witness a shooting by 40...

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Self Defense at JP Woods

6 weeks of Safe&Aware X J.P. Wood Martial Arts Women Self-Defense Completed! It was a wonderful experience working with Mrs.Wood to advocate, raise funds, and promote self-defense awareness to the Palatine community for over 30 students!

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Past Events

Learn practical and effective self-defense techniques at Safe&Aware's seminar, with Grand Masters Jan and John Wood at JP Wood Martial Arts

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Safe&Aware is partnering with Sarah’s Inn, a domestic violence victim support organization, to host a self-defense class on October 15, 2023!

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We are back and hosting a youth self-defense class in the city! It's free and we will have goodies at the end, so please attend and share!! Make sure to fill out the RSVP Form!!!!

Last week, Safe&Aware partnered with J.P. Woods Martial Arts at the Palatine Chamber Community Expo at Falcon Park Recreation Center to extend their outreach in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs. Safe&Aware advocated the audience how learning to defend oneself physically leads to empowerment, increased confidence, and standing up for one’s rights. Safe&Aware focused on promoting a safe and vibrant community through our youth safety and awareness initiatives.

Self Defense at JP Woods

Add to your calendar! Safe&Aware will be teaming up with Northwestern Community Hospital’s Director of Security Management to talk about how you can use self-defense techniques to defend yourself in an active shooter situation! RSVP with this link!